STARWEST 2020 Bonus Session : The State of API Testing: New Industry Survey Results Highlight the Challenges of Test Automation


Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 7:15am to 8:15am

The State of API Testing: New Industry Survey Results Highlight the Challenges of Test Automation

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APIs provide the core business logic that powers today’s modern applications, but when you couple the technology with the accelerated adoption of microservice-based architectures, and today’s rapid Agile development cycles, you open the door for significant business risks. API testing has become a critical methodology for test teams in order to mitigate these risks, as well as keep pace with development efforts. However, many organizations face challenges that result in struggling to scale API testing and recognize the true value of the practice. Join voke founder/analyst Theresa Lanowitz, and Parasoft VP of Products Mark Lambert, as they go through voke’s brand new research on the state of API testing practices, technology, and industry.

Key take-aways include:

  • Survey results/data showing the current state of API testing, including adoption rates, key benefits, and challenges
  • Today’s groundbreaking technologies that leverage machine learning and AI to enable API testing adoption and embrace innovation
  • Case studies that show how leading organizations are successfully adopt and scale the practice
Theresa Lanowitz
voke, inc.

Founder of voke, inc. Theresa Lanowitz is recognized worldwide as a relentless advocate for software quality, a strategic thinker, and influencer in software lifecycle and its transformation including testing, virtualization, cloud computing, cyber security, embedded systems, IoT, release management, and mobile software. A champion of emerging technology, Theresa initiated coverage on lifecycle virtualization and service virtualization. Previously, she held positions at McDonnell Douglas as a developer on the C-17 transport plane; Sun Microsystems in the strategic marketing of the Jini project; and Borland Software, Mercury, Compuware, and Gartner. Theresa is an internationally recognized speaker and author of the popular IT Superhero Series.

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert, Vice President of Products, is responsible for ensuring that Parasoft solutions deliver real value to the organizations adopting them. His team helps customers optimize their software development processes by assessing their specific development needs, then determining how to apply Parasoft technologies, processes, and methodologies to achieve their goals. Lambert has been with Parasoft since 2004, working with a broad cross-section of our Global 2000 customers. His engagements have extended from specific technology implementations to broader SDLC process improvement initiatives.